Music apps are abundant, while not every music app promises to deliver all the goods of a music player. It is an undeniable fact that we like free services, for both the Android and iOS phones. There are many music apps which doesn’t have all the features, the best music app in India are the best in the business and very less apps can come near it. And the best part is that these come free and you can access all songs from different genres.

Below are the best music apps in India.

  1. Gaana

Gaana is one of the most famous apps used is used by most of the Indian. The interface of this apps is really very simple you can find all the sections like, recent played, trending, album, and search result. The best thing about is the liked most is that you can find the song’s lyrics along with songs and you can also download your favorites songs which can play directly.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is the best app that is booming in the market right now. They have a great attractive and interface which personally liked most about this app. These apps have been launched last year In the Indian market and they have crossed almost more than 5 million downloads. You can each and every song in all different languages.

  1. Hungama Music

Another best apps which I will prefer you guys is Hungama Music they are also the best music app in India. you can find every song from the oldest to the newest songs. With the help of this app we can earn rewards when you watch videos. It also has inbuild music which help you to play offline music.

Last Words:

Music apps have become increasingly popular and it  80% of the smart phones users have one or two apps installed in their phones.  There are benefits of using music app since it removes the need to store music files in your phone. The above written is about the best music apps in India. I hope now you that this article informative and helpful, and we hope that you can enjoy listening to music. Please visit our blog for more information like this.

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